email list

Discover why you need an email list: How to make it happen

Every name that you have on your email list is statistically worth $12 per year. Do you have an email list? Do you know how to successfully build one? When I first started blogging and developing my online marketing skills, there was one constant that I heard all the time… The MONEY is in the […]


Feedly is the BEST Google Reader equivalent

I have to be honest. When I heard that Google was shutting down Google Reader as of July 1st, I got down in the fetal position in the corner of my office and WEPT! Ok… It wasn’t quite that dramatic, but I, like so many of you, was pretty darn upset. I use Google Reader a […]

godaddy host

Starting your first WordPress blog, using Godaddy as your host

If your considering starting your first WordPress blog but you don’t want to have to pay a lot for a host to get started, then I would recommend starting with Godaddy. They are not the best host when you start having more then a hundred visitors a day, but they are a great and AFFORDABLE […]


Humanoid robots named “Pepper” to be sold in the U.S within 12 months

Have you always dreamed of owning your own dancing and talking robot? Well you might get your chance, and it might be sooner then later.  According to Bloomberg, Billionaire Masayoshi Son will start selling his humanoid robots named “Pepper” at Sprint Corp. (S) stores in the U.S. by next summer, part of SoftBank Corp.’s push to take […]


Amazon purchases Twitch for approximately $970 million in cash

Gamers have been spewing over this for weeks now. Some were complaining, some were happy, but most were wrong. Well, at least wrong about who would be purchasing Twitch. Many gamers will be happy to know that it wasn’t YouTube after all. It was actually Amazon who purchased the popular streaming service for a […]

10 must have wordpress plugins for 2014

10 must have WordPress plugins for 2014, I especially love number 3!

There are so many reason to love WordPress. It’s user friendly, It’s SEO friendly and just about anyone of any skill set can learn to use it. I would argue though, that what really makes WordPress so great is the plugins. With WordPress plugins you can completely alter the way your site works, performs, responds […]