How to put your iTunes music on your Samsung Note

If you have the new Samsung Galaxy Note then you may have the best Android device currently on the market. If your switching to a Samsung Note from an iPhone then your probably wondering how you can get your iTunes music moved over to your new Samsung Note device?

Syncing your iTunes music with an Android device like the Samsung Note is actually really easy!

Here is what you do

You need to download a free program called DoubleTwist. Download DoubleTwist on your Mac or Pc and then download the free double twist app on your Samsung Note. Open up the DoubleTwist program on your computer and import your iTunes music and playlist. After you have imported your music and downloaded the free app then your ready to sync your phone and enjoy your iTunes music on your new Samsung Note.


To help you with this, I have included a quick video to show you how to sync iTunes music with an Android device using the free DoubleTwist program.

Couple items you might want to use with your new Samsung Note

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  1. Roger Ludeman says

    When my Double Twist screen comes up under music there are no choices for selecting playlists. it is not highlighted and can't be clicked on. What should I do?

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