Feedly is the BEST Google Reader equivalent

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I have to be honest. When I heard that Google was shutting down Google Reader as of July 1st, I got down in the fetal position in the corner of my office and WEPT!


It wasn’t quite that dramatic, but I, like so many of you, was pretty darn upset. I use Google Reader a LOT. It’s a very important part of my business. Google Reader is often where I find great post to share with my following as well as get great ideas for a new post or even ideas that I want to implement into my own online business.

When I heard that the Death-star was going to annihilate my precious reader, I went out in search the best Google Reader equivalent. What I found was a tool I like even better called Feedly!

best google reader equivalent

Feedly is a great reader and It’s a lot more functional then Google Reader and has some great features. According to a poll on Lifehacker, Feedly was favored by the masses, grabbing 65% of all the votes.

So what does Feedly have to offer you ask?

  • First Feedly syncs with Google Reader and will bring in all of your subscriptions and your starred post. Feedly plans to use It’s own back end once Google Reader is finally shut down for good. You may want to get this done before It’s to late and you loose all the beautiful feeds you have collected over the years. I’m considering starting from scratch to eliminate all the JUNK in my reader.
  • Feedly also provides multiple ways to view your feeds. Magazine and Mosaic are a couple of my favorite options.


  • I personally don’t use them, but there are also keyboard shortcuts to make browsing Feedly simple and easy.
  • Feedly also offers a mobile version which is very nice. Do you have a smart phone or a tablet? Then you will have access to your feeds anywhere you are.
  • One thing that I love is that Feedly shows you how many times an article has been shared via Facebook or Google Plus. This is helpful and allows you to save time because you already know if an article is worth your time based on how others feel about it.  I recommend adding your own feed to Feedly so you can see how your own articles are performing.


I created a quick video to demonstrate Feedly, so you can form your own opinion!

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